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Being annoyed about all those 'neko-ear', 'top model', 'school girl' and 'lolita dress' Naruto OCs, I decided to make a guide to help people to make their Naruto OCs more believable and Naruto-like. Before I begin, I'd like to note a few things.

* First, I don't speak English as my native tongue (I'm a Finn), so there may be some grammar flaws in the tutorial. If you note a flaw, you can mention it, and I won't get angry but happy. People learn from their mistakes, and so do I! :)

* Second, this tutorial deals with just the clothing of Naruto OCs, not about actual creation of an OC. There are heaps of tutorials about it, just go see them! Think of this as a deeper view to the Naruto clothing issue.

* Third, this tutorial is not made to flame those OC makers that create 'un-Naruto-like' characters. I'm just going to tell tricks to make your character more suitable for the series. It's up to you if you want to use them or not.

* Fourth, this tutorial contains MINOR SPOILERS from Naruto series, like mentioning about manga-only supporting characters and shots from some characters' flashbacks that are not yet seen in anime. Those spoilers won't hurt you badly and they won't reveal anything big, but if you want to be totally spoiler free, skip this tutorial.

* Fifth... this is the FIRST PART of the tutorial. Here is another part, too! The link is in the comment box :)

I used as sources the Naruto series, Narutopedia and my own eyes and brain. And as you all know, the Naruto series and all of its clothing details belong to Masashi Kishimoto :)

Check also my General Character Design Tutorial: Click!



H O W   T O   D R E S S   U P   Y O U R   N A R U T O   O C
(and create his/her looks in other ways, too)



So. Some people may ask that what differences are between the clothing culture of Naruto world and the one of our world. Naruto uses sometimes a t-shirt and pyjamas, doesn't he? Kiba has a leather jacket in Shippuuden, Sakura has tricot shorts, Gatou is seen in a business man suit and so on. They are all the pieces of clothing of nowadays, so why I can't go fancier and use the top fashion of nowadays? Isn't it cooler?

Most likely, not.

You have to note that there are crucial differences between the cultures of Naruto world and our own world, because our worlds are already a little different. Our world is differently formed than the world of Naruto. For example, the technology is more developed in our world than in the ninja world. No Naruto character have mobile telephone, iPod, laptop or stuff. Of course there is shown fridge, videos and even low-bit computers in the series (even space ships in the movies), but they are not so "new" stuff. I think that the technological state of Naruto is a couple of decades late from us. So is the fashion. And both of them have their own, unique quirks.

When you watch the anime and street views of, for example, Konoha, you can see that the street views are not similar to our street views. No one wears loafers, band shirts or stuff. Small kids may have t-shirts, shorts and nice skirts, but adults' clothing style differs even more. Many civilian adults in the series use clothes that give us hints of the traditional Japanese or Eastern fashion: kimono-like jackets, yukatas, long shirts. No windjammers, trenches or stuff. Teen characters – like Naruto and the guys – use most modern-like clothes in their leisure time, but their ninja suits are not that type with what most people would attend to school without getting attention.

So, what makes a Naruto costume? At least none of these:


* Hottest fashion of this day (as said, Narutoversum is a couple of decades late from us.)
--- Sneakers, band shirts, tight jeans, loafers, lolita dresses...
* School uniforms (Is there even 'uniform needed' schools in Narutoversum? Not counting ANBU academies and stuff.)
* Fake or real cat/dog/animal ears and tails just as decoration. (Simply. Too. Over. Used. Also as part of a jutsu is over-used.)
* Wings (unless as part of a jutsu… and still overused)
* Special traits copied straightly from canon characters (like Naruto's 'whiskers', Hinata's hairdo, Neji's shirt, Kakashi's forehead protector & mask combination, Kurenai's eyes…). It is shameless and uncreative stealing!

You still can use them as source of inspiration, but they DON'T work as unmodified versions.

But before an OC can be clothed, we have to create him/her without clothes first! So, some words about the genetics of Naruto characters.


Most characters in Naruto series are ordinary humans. Most of them have normal-colored and straight hair and dark eyes, as most Asian people have. However, there is slightly more diversity you can use. But AN IMPORTANT NOTE at the start! Don't go crazy with creating the genetics. Usually just one or at max couple of "special" things in you character's looks are enough!

Also: Don't make the special looks the only "Big Thing" of your character, unless you're using it as minor supporting character. It doesn't work if the big-role character gets attention just by his&her looks and not by his/her inner traits. Develop him/her a proper personality and shape, first.


Alongside normal hair colors, of which black and brown are most common and blonds are not too rare, there appears some more exotic hair colors. Most famous of them is Sakura with her rose pink hair. Also, Konan has deep blue hair, Jiraiya has had white hair since his childhood, and Anko's hair can be called purple. However, don't get lured to use to shocking colors, like neon green! None of the special hair colors of Naruto is very bright: for example, Sakura's hair is not shock pink but more like pale pink. All hair colors in the series are some broken, not bright. Well, Karin's hair might be an exception, but it's not neon at least, and it's rather rare case.

About hairdos: Many Naruto characters, like Kakashi, Shikamaru, and Naruto himself, have that starchy hair that it constantly points out as spikes. It's natural to them, since they're seen to sleep / swim / have a bath with that hair and it still behaves like that. Otherwise, the rules of the physics rule the behavior of the hair. So, unless you use tons of hair gel (or mystical hair chakra), you can't make your one-meter-long ponytail point directly upwards without any waggling (though Moegi gets quite close). Also, ninjas rarely use very complicated hairdos, and usually ninjas with long hair anchor it in some way, like using forehead protector as hair band or using buns or ponytails. It's not nice if you are making some headbanging, and the enemy sneaks to you when your eyes are covered! It's also wise to leave complicated hairdos to female daimyos, since if Hokage is hammering your door and telling you to come to the mission right now, explanation like 'Yeah, give me a hour yet, I have to make my hair and mug' is not approved.

Also: Naruto characters have mostly straight hair, as usually Asian people have, but some characters (like Suzume) have curly hair, and also Kurenai's hair is wavy. So, curly hair is rare but not unheard in Narutoversum.


Most Naruto characters are depicted with black eyes, probably meaning dark brown or dark grey, but neither blue, green, or grey eyes are uncommon. Hyuugas are most distinct example of weird-colored eyes with their white eyes, but there are also people with odd-colored eyes and without doujutsu: Kurenai and Karin (red eyes), Juugo (orange eyes), Suigetsu (purple eyes in anime, blue eyes in manga) and Orochimaru (yellow snake eyes). Use with good taste. Also, remember that all people owning doujutsu don't have odd-looking eyes in the normal state: for example, the eyes of every Uchiha are normally common black.

There is also notable amount of characters whose eyes at least seem to lack pupil: Gaara, Anko, Hyuugas, Kurotsuchi… However, personally I think that this is just a drawing trick, and at least Gaara's pupils are faintly seen in certain type of light. So, I suggest you to use 'pupil-less' eyes just in non-realistic drawings, not in the fan fiction or realistic drawings, for just case. In reality, no eye work without pupil!

Also here are weird guys with odd-colored sclera: Kakuzu, Hanzou (in manga) and Genshou (anime-only guy). I suggest you to use it REALLY rarely. And note that thus far just bad, some unnatural guys have used them.


Most Naruto characters have normal fair skin, but there is also tanned ones, like Naruto and Iruka. However, all known notably dark-skinned people (except Kakuzu) originate from Land of Lightning. See the section introducing ninjas by their countries. (We talk later about odd-skinned creatures like Kisame.)

Body built

As you know, there is a diversity of body builds in Naruto world from well-eaten Chouji via muscular Lee to slender Gaara. Just note what the status of him needs: for example, no proper taijutsu user or sword-fighter can be a thin anorectic! And vice versa, if your biceps are like hams, you have to spend your time with training to maintain them, not talking about achieving them! Plus, a woman with notably big breasts probably doesn't feel comfortable to rush around with them wobbling, but she'd rather 'anchor' them in some way! (Like using bra.)

Tattoos and piercings

Quite many ninjas have some kind of tattoos or markings, even on their faces (something that doesn't appear usually in our world), so feel free to use them. However, make some research of existing tattoo fashion in Narutoversum: some ninjas use tattoos rather as organization symbols (ANBU, Inuzuka Clan...) than as decoration, and usually simple designs are favored. Sometimes tattoos can hide some kind of chakra seal or help chakra flowing. Piercings are not as common as tattoos, but they still exist. For example, junior members of Team Asuma have ear rings, and Konan has lip piercing, not talking about Six Paths of Pain (though those piercings are part of a jutsu).

Odd features

There are few cases that are just partially considerable as humans: Kisame, Zetsu, Kakuzu etc. (Akatsuki invasion, huh?)... No explanation is given to their looks, except that there is another fish guy alongside Kisame in Kirigakure. As other odd quirks, I mention Inuzuka's canine teeth and slit-pupilled eyes – that are not explained, either, though they seem to pass genetically. So, you may use bizarre features, too, but be careful for not leaving the design to flee from your hands! And NEVER stuff too many odd features to the same character, unless the character is meant to be REALLY odd!

That's almost all about the looks. Later I may mention something about outlook by villages.

Let's carry on. As most of Naruto OCs are ninjas, let's talk about them!


When planning ninja clothing, you must think about the job of ninja. What a ninja needs from his or her costume? What is impossible for ninjas? If you are ninja, the looks can't be the only thing you have to think of.

Let's think about that. So, what regular ninjas do? Missions. What do you do in missions? Use your body a lot, like in fighting and traveling. What kind of clothes can serve you in that case? Clothes that won't tangle to branches and in which you can move freely. Maybe some armor would be nice, and protection for your elbows and knees. But not too heavy or hot clothes. And I'm sure you don't want to twist your ankles with impossible killer heels when jumping and running!

As you may have seen, most costumes of original Naruto characters are surprisingly simple. They don't consist of very many pieces of clothing: Naruto has just his underwear, jacket, trousers, shirt under the jacket, forehead protector, ninja shoes, and the necklace given by Tsunade. They are quick to wear on you when the Hokage's underling comes to wake you up and tell that you are going to the mission, no matter you want to go or not. If not able to be worn quickly (not counting the bandages), the costume acts as armor (like the armors of the Akimichi Clan).

A check list: Be sure that...

* ...the character can move his/her limbs as freely as needed in his/her costume, like rising his/her arms any position that (s)he needs to move in battle. Though this depends of his/her fighting style: some characters use that kind of jutsus that they don't have to move a lot.
* ...the costume contains no long ribbons or hems or anything that can tangle to branches or to which your character can trip over. (*cough*Konohamarusscarf*cough*)
* ...the character can run, jump, kick and do anything needed with the shoes that (s)he uses. Ninja sandals are the best footwear for the task.
* ...the character doesn't have to fix his/her costume in every point. (Like, checking that the bandages covering her breasts are not going to fall.)
* ...the costume suits for the character's nature. For example, a very shy character simply can't use revealing clothes or shock colors!
* don't have to make your hair and face a lot before you can enter out (...unless you are Kankurou). Light make-up, like the ones that Kurenai and Tsunade are using, is okay.

Checked? Good.

Not counting practicality, one of most important things in ninja clothing is to make it DIFFERENT enough from ordinary clothing. To put differently, if you set your character among normal people (of our modern world) of his/her age (like, a teen ninja among middle schoolers), and no one in the mass may think that the character doesn't belong to the group, you should make him/her a little more original. For example, a ninja that wears hoodie, jeans and sneakers is rather difficult to be recognized as a ninja and not as a normal teenager of your neighborhood. Also t-shirt and shorts users are in danger. Think stuff out of every day fashion, too! You are not going to go to school in costume that you are planning to your OC.

And why difference is important? Think a little about ninjas of Naruto series. How most of ninjas cloth themselves when in duty? Could you go to school in those clothes without feeling any weird? ...yup, I guessed.

Ninjas on free time and civilians

Opposed to ninja clothing, characters' free time (or civilian) clothing can be similar to our fashion (at least in Konoha). If you are careful, you may see that at least Konoha characters use rather normal-looking clothes when they are clearly away from their missions. For example, Naruto is seen to wear normal t-shirt and shorts when he had to have break from missions due his broken arm, and when Kurenai left to maternity leave, she started to wear simple dress. Also, small children wear quite normal or some Japanese-themed clothes, as seen in flashbacks.

The only difference between our leisure time clothing and theirs one is the shoes: ninja characters rarely wear other shoes than their toeless shoes, even if they had free time. However, I'd say that timeless footwear (like classical pumps and such) and other Japanese sandal types are okay, if ninja shoes simply doesn't suit for the clothing. However, at least Kushina is seen to still wear ninja shoes even with her pregnancy dress, so it seems that ninja shoes are generally extremely lot used footwear.

In other places than Konoha, the leisure time clothing is bounded to the culture. For example, in Sunagakure long robes are used a lot, because the inhabitants of Land of Wind have to wear something against hot sun. In Amegakure, leisure time clothing is not very flashy or detailed, because the village has (or at least had) quite bad economics. Also, in late times the civilian clothing used to be influenced a lot by traditional Japanese clothing (as you can see from Sannins' flashbacks). Inspect carefully the issue.

Next I'll introduce you some...


Now I'll introduce my visions about the categories to which you can divide the clothing styles of Naruto ninjas (and some civilians). Here are four of them.

Uniform Type

Uniform Type ninjas mean ninjas that use some kind of uniform. For example, Konoha's ninjas using Konoha's ninja uniform (green vest, blue trousers and shirt etc.) are that type. Some other people falling to this category are ANBU members, Akatsuki members, Konoha's hospital ninjas, and, technically, kages (they have their traditional robes and hats, though few of them uses them constantly). Uniform Type is favored mostly by mature ninjas (Kakashi, Iruka, Baki...) and side characters that may have a couple of lines of dialogue and that must be districted to be a member of certain group. In war, practically ALL ninjas wear their uniforms to tell other people where're they from. Also, I think that male characters use Uniform Type a lot more than female ones.

Uniform Type is not even nearly as popular as Free Type (mentioned later), because many people think easily that uniform 'restricts' the creation of the character and makes him/her to look like one of a great mass. It may be partially true, but please note that many characters wear their uniforms with some variations. For example, Kakashi has fingerless gloves, his trademark mask and forehead protector set non-horisontally, and Asuma wears bracelets, shoulder bandages and Twelve Guardian Ninja sash. Shizune has over-long sleeves in her Konoha ninja uniform (yeah, she owns one), Genma wears his forehead protector like a cap plus backwards and hold a senbon needle in his mouth. Plus, all of those characters look already very different by their faces and hairdos.

The best trait in Uniform Type is that it makes the OCs looks nearly automatically Naruto-like and faithful to the canon, at least if you don't add any un-Naruto-like accessories. It is really safe choice to a person that wants to his/her OC easy, useful and canon-like costume. The worst trait in Uniform Type is that uniform: if you make your character normal-looking and put him/her into normal-looking uniform, it's very difficult for the reader/viewer remember him/her later. Uniform Type is best for a character this looks already unique in suitable way, like Kakashi with his gray hair and mask. Instead, if your OC is a normal-looking guy in a normal-looking uniform, he fades into the crowd quicker than you can say, 'Hey, where is my OC?'

At the end of this guide, here is a list of the uniforms of different villages.

A fun fact: According the polls made within Naruto manga, Kakashi, a Uniform Type ninja, is the most popular character in the Narutoversum ever. :)

Traditional Type

Traditional Type is most used among elder ninjas, ninjas of the history, and manymanymany civilians, but also among some younger ninjas, too. It follows the traditional fashion of the Kimono and Katana era Japan: kimonos, yukatas, getas, tabis, round straw hats. Also variations of these clothes (like cut-yukata-like jackets combined to ¾-legged trousers and sleeveless-yukata-like dresses) fall to this category.

Traditional Type is quite comfortable type to use: by sticking enough in the Japanese traditions, you can make beautiful costumes that are still faithful to the series. But note that a lady dressed in long-sleeved furisode kimono simply can't jump from a tree to another! Also, few ninjas can buy freaking expensive clothes like real silk kimonos! Remember to check out how kimonos and stuff really work, too, especially if you are going to make a comic about your character.

Examples of Traditional Type: Jiraiya, Shizune, Hyuuga Hiashi, young Sarutobi Hiruzen, young Sannins, Suzumebachi, Susuki, Utakata (you can find them in Narutopedia)

Free Type

Free Type is absolutely most popular type among OCs, but it is also most dangerous. Free Type doesn't follow the uniforms or traditions, but mainly modern clothing. In the original series, Free Type is most used by young and teen characters, both among ninjas and civilians. For example, nearly all kids of Team Kakashi / Asuma / Kurenai / Guy use Free Type costumes. (At the end of the Part I and in Shippuuden, Shikamaru and Lee fall to the Mixture Type. See that type later.)

When creating a character design by Free Type, remember all the stuff I said before about modern clothes and all. Also, there is usually two almost-must-be traits in the Free Type costumes: the forehead protector and the shinobi sandals. If you have them, the rest of the costume can be made quite freely. If not, you have to be more careful and not to slip to too modern clothes. In any case, remember that Absolute No-No-Noes List mentioned above!

Mixture Type

Mixture Type is mixture of the previous types. For example, Might Guy can be put in this category, because he uses his own green body suit (Free Type) with his ninja vest (Uniform Type). When creating Mixture Type costume, remember stuff mentioned in its parent types.


An area in ninja clothing may be sometimes the weapon that the character is using. This issue is more about the fighting style design and not so much about just outlook design, but I try to say something about the issue.

First, the word I've used a lot: PRACTICALITY. To carry a huge two-meter-long butcher sword - not talking about using it - you must have muscles. A LOT of muscles. And if you have that much of muscles, you simply CAN'T look like as thin as a twig! The same issue applies to other weapons that require physical power: mauls, bows, axes, halberds… Even the weight of a normal katana is 3.8 pounds / 1.72 kilos, and that's anything but a big sword!

To put short: choose the weapon that suits for your character. If your character lacks physical power, don't give him/her huge weapon (or weapon of which using requires physical power, like strongbows). And if (s)he wants to use a weapon properly, (s)he musts spend good amount of time to learn to master it!  And that eats time for learning other ninja arts, like ninjutsu.

About the looks of the weapon... most weapons in Narutoversum look rather normal and undecorated, and they are still very effective. You can make good damage with normal kunai and shuriken, too. Special-looking weapons are veryveryvery rare, and they often have some kind of special ability. Again, think of rationality: a normal genin is rarely allowed to be swinging a BIG EPIC LEGENDARY SWOOOD in his/her normal missions under the watching eye of his/her sensei. Often, special weapons are given to ninjas that SURELY can use them. If inherited, they are still rarely given to a random brat before that brat is grown up. Note also that ninjas that are not weapon specialists rarely use special weapons. Even characters that have special weapons have started from normal ones: if you can use well a normal katana, it's probable that you can learn rather easily to use special katana, or at least LOTS faster than a person that has barely even seen a katana.

Also a note: Kishimoto has states that here is no guns in Narutoversum, except some kind of weapons firing chakra bursts.


You may think, 'Oh man, that hag is just nagging about the faithfulness to the series, and I wanted to read about how to invent original character designs! This is just not helping me in my problem, I know what kind of clothes are not Naruto-like, but I can't invent my own original ones!'

Don't worry, now I'm trying to talk about the issue! But first I have to upset you: here is no guides for making amazing costumes. It's all up to your imagination and resources in your head if you can make amazing costumes or not. But I still try to help you to invent something your own.

Feed your brain, empty head can't offer you any ideas. Look at pictures about people wearing both normal and exotic clothes, other anime, fantasy clothing (highly useful), history clothing (another highly useful), or even leaves in forests, architecture, animals, your math teacher and such. Anything can spark an idea in your brain - just take care of feeding your brain with useful material.

Also, look at characters that Kishimoto / filler staff have made, and try to see the fashion quirks in Narutoversum via them. Not just the main characters, but also the background guys. Knowing the topic eases you inventing more stuff for it.

Hint! Saying no-no-no to nowadays' fashion doesn't mean you can't use them as resource. You just have to modify them more Naruto-like. You still can, for example, hunt for new ways to sew shirts or such.

Remember also flush your brain sometimes. You have to also note that the constant feeding of your brain may get your brain tired. Let it also have breaks sometimes: make something that relaxes your brain, like taking a walk, playing computer games, and such.

Doodle freely. When having a dull moment, like in long bus travels, take a piece of paper and pen and just start to doodle something. Usually starting the design process is the hardest part: when you get to used with it, it's easier for you to come up with clothes.

Make it differently. Try to invent new stuff, like new way to tie your forehead protector or place to attach the plate of the protector in new way to your clothes. What about using leaf-shaped cloth pieces when sewing clothes instead of square-shaped? Or making clothes that cover everything but your OC's eyes and midriff? Or placing seams front and back instead of placing them to the sides? Using one seam instead of two ones? Leaving just one sleeve for the costume? Using layered clothes? Remember still the practicality with the clothes!

Thinking differently is key word for the real world fashion artists, too, not just the ones that make the models wear something freaky cloth mutants for the catwalk, but also the ones that make clothes for us normal people. At least I like my winter shoes because their cuttings are so unusual, tennis-ball-seam-themed.

Also, Kishimoto has himself used unusual ways to wear his characters that are not often seen in the real world. Or is Neji's "man skirt" something you remember to have seen on any real guy? The base is still in the real world, of course.

Next time, I'll introduce you some common ninja clothing, aka ninjas' fashion catalog. Stay tuned!
I totally got fed up with un-Naruto-like 'Naruto OC designs', so I decided to do something for the issue. Enjoy! And if you feel you want to comment something about this, feel free to say.

The general character tutorial: [link]
The other part: [link]
The cover: [link]

E: Changed a little the issue order for better order.

EE: Added "How to invent original costumes"-section.

EEE: Here is awesome collection of brilliant OC designs! Thanks, *Kumkrum! :D [link]

4xE: A nice tutorial about Naruto-ish names: [link]
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I know this is very old but just a note to anyone using this to make their Naruto character still, since it is still very useful the Narutoverse is NOT set in the past, but the present as Kishomoto has said(when asked why there are televisions), an alternate present. The fashion is based off of the fashion from where he grew up, he simply does not want there to be any guns or other projectile weapons beyond crossbows, as that makes the plot and story with the ninja stuff not work as well. The original Naruto had guns in it, and he decided to cut that part out(the original first chapter is still out there somewhere, I own it from a long time ago, but don't know where to find it anymore) It would still be very odd for someone to be in "high fashion" or certain trends in the universe, try to keep it mild enough or odd in ways already shown on the show to be possible(like fishnet) as it's obvious he didn't base the Naruto universe off of highly modernized japan, like Tokyo. 
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I would like some help with Inuzuka clan clothing. The people are very dog-like so I think they would use a jacket or something (to symbolize fur to me) of that nature. But I don't want to be copying off of Kiba's clothing so I was wondering if anybody had any advice for me.
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Firstly: Look at other Inuzuka than Kiba and try to get some idea about variation. I haven't followed manga since the start of Fourth Shinobi War (DON'T SPOIL ME, I INTEND TO READ IT ONCE I'M NOT THIS BUSY IN WORK), but there exist at least his mother Tsume and his sister Hana. Hana doesn't have furry details, but I see that Tsume's dogginess is expressed not only by her facial features but also her shaggy hair. (...why do Tsume and Kiba have slit pupils while dogs don't have those, that's an internal mystery to me...)

Hana is actually a pretty interesting case here: she doesn't have slit pupils or fluffy hair, and she even uses lipstick. Actually she shares only her eye shape and colors with her mom and baby bro. Therefore she nicely shows some variation in the family.

Hmmm... at least a key thing in avoiding copy-pasting Kiba could trying to make the overall shape of the jacket very different from Kiba's. I don't know how old your character is or what kind of personality they have, but if possible, going away from the baggy shape of Kiba's pre-Shippuuden jacket helps. ...and also avoiding copypasting his Shippuuden leather jacket. Perhaps the jacket could be hoodless and have REALLY huge fur collar? (Quite many dog breeds have mane-like hair around their neck.) Or perhaps it could be a fur vest? (Those with fur inside and not outside, personally I think that outside-fur vests rarely look.)

Trying a character's personality into a certain dog breed and then reflecting that dog breed into their appearance could be a worthy idea. I think this might have been used in Hana and Tsume's designs: if I remember correctly (I don't dare to check cuz spoilers), Hana is taller than Tsume, and Tsume has pointed canine teeth unlike Hana. Tsume (perhaps also Kiba) brings to my mind some kind of Spitz (fluffy, small, pointed features, loud, brash, and energetic), while Hana might be closer to a breed like Golden Retriever (smoother fur, taller, calmer, still a serving dog that is ready to jump into action).

Now when I talked about personality: remember to make that different enough from any Inuzukas', too! While it makes sense that the family may share similar values (such as valuing companionship and self-confidence and not nitpicking about fanciness), the character really stands out if he/she appears as a well-defined three-dimensional individual that is easy to tell apart from the original canon characters.

What do you think?
Pop-PopGun Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
This is a lot of help! Thank you so much for responding. You're a big help. And no worries on the spoilers, I haven't watched Naruto in ages. ;3
TheBaesCommsAccount Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
this'll help me create my new OC  Akiko Uzuchiha~ :D since I only have her hair colours down, having the reference sheet's for clothing/colour wise will help me with her a lot :meow: as well as making new oc's in the near future (since I'm re-watching Naruto again ;D)
Finf Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Student Digital Artist
This is a massive help, and the bit at the end 'Make it Differently' has sparked some ideas, so thanks :D
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Whee, good that this helped! ^__^
Finf Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
XD Yup yup, the second one helped aswell :D
milla1231 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Student General Artist
This is really helpful. Also, I've noticed some characters don't have eyebrows (Gaara and Zabuza, I believe). A rarity, but I think most people's OC's have eyebrows. I also laughed when you pointed out Kankuro is the only one with full makeup.
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Indeed :D Though in real life, there are plenty of people with faint eye brows, especially blondes but redheads too. Actually an artist in dA theorized that Gaara's eyebrows are just faint like many redheads' (these thoughts were for a semi-realistic Gaara portrait).

True man wears full makeup.
kiathedemonwolf Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student General Artist
Excuse me. Have a question! I wont be rude I promise!! This may seem abit stupid to ask but, I was writing a fic and put me in just as I am. I just changed my clothes to fit the naruto world. People started saying that I in my story was a horrible character because of my hair and eyes... everyone fliped out and said "Thats way over used" and things of that nature. I didnt know how to explain, I have heterochromia (meaning my eyes are two different colors) and I have red hair....right now anyway and its a dark wine-ish color. Would that seem to "crazy" for the naruto world?
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hiya, and you weren't being rude! C:

Self-insert fics (like these kind of fics are called) are often warned about but they can be written decently if you are careful enough C: The design here isn't the main problem here: the bigger problem is that how can you make an interesting story without making people to think "the author just wants to pair himself/herself with canon characters, meh".

Okay, probably you didn't look for that. But but but. I wouldn't see heterochromia as a problem in Narutoverse, as the biology of humans there is based on real life humans. However, heterochromia can still be seen as a "special" trait, and if you put too many special traits to your character's design, it may look pretty stuffy and fake. I don't know what else your character has, but if you want to keep these eye and hair colors, it's better to avoid other special things in order to get balance.

About self-insert fics in general (thinking these could help changing people's attitudes towards your character!):

1. Why do you do a self-insert story? Well, obviously for fun, but what can the readers get from the story? Do you offer them juicy contradictions between your world and Narutoverse ("Help, my phone doesn't work!"), or is your character more like a regular ninja OC that just happens to base on you? Key questions: Why would a reader bother to read your story? What makes it interesting? What potential does your self-insert character offer?

2. Do you use your character to hook up with canon characters you like, or do you have more interesting things to do? It's often a turn-off to people if you create an avatar to chill with canons: "That person is just self-fantasizing, he/she doesn't think about the readers at all!"

3. Is your story more like "a modern world girl dropped into Narutoverse", or "a ninja that happens to resemble me is adventuring"? If the first, what fun situations you could get rid off the setting?

Some brain food C:
kiathedemonwolf Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student General Artist
it isnt a pairing story im horrid with romance stuff ^^". if you want to SEE the drawing i did of her/me I posted it yesterday. The story was just for fun, it was the whole "flung into the universe because i was being stupid and broke a thing". I didnt even expect people to read it.

Thanks though :) you are helpful.
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I see no problems with that character design, as the colors aren't screaming C: And this plot sounds good (self-insert causing trouble, yay!), though into personal stories that you don't plan to publish to larger audience, it's almost all the same what you write.

And you're welcome!
kiathedemonwolf Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
thanks again :)
mrsaburame Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013
This is really helpful. I want make my oc now, but I can't drawing._. hah maybe I can just make my oc with some shinobi dress up games :D
thankyou so much! ^^
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!

Shinobi dress up games have that drawback that they have only certain collection of clothes and you can't come up with your own designs, unless you draw onto that design in Paint. Mostly those dress up games have authentic clothes, though, but almost all of them copy directly the already existing designs of the series which is bad. :/ Unless you use very generic shinobi on your OC, you'll have to use copypasted designs from the other characters... say, make take a brunette Tsunade hair, blue Sakura eyes, yellow Hinata jacket, orange Tenten Shippuden hakama... mostly even more limited than that... :/

One option is to just to sketch something roughly and then ask someone to draw more refined version of your scheme C:
mrsaburame Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
yeah, it makes me confuse to make a clothes that fit to my OC, and the clothes at the game is same like the character-_-
I'll ask my friend to draw OC for me. thanks for your reply, it helped! ^^
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! C:
KyokoAyanamiChan Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This was really helpful, because I have always been afraid of doing a naruto oc for these very reasons. However, I think I will try it now! When I get it uploaded, would you mind me contacting you to have you take a look?
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

You already contacted me by sending this comment, so I have nothing against you contacting me later xD
KyokoAyanamiChan Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you!
cixu Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
Would you mind taking a look at my naruto oc's outfit? ^_^
Tell me if it's okay or not?
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's okay! Though I don't promise to reply instantly, since I'm sort of busy during work weeks and I need time to sit down and take a good look to things I'm going to critique.
cixu Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
Oh it's okay. :) Take all the time you need, I won't rush you.
Here is the outfit: [link]
Gelz Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012
This was pretty insightful. You bring up good and valid points that ninja shouldn't wear complicated outfits that are hard to move in. That's only logical.

Although I would like to point out the only reason why Kishimoto made ninja clothes uncomplicated is because drawing overly detailed clothes week after week was too much of a hassle for him to draw. In the earlier drafts of Sasuke's character design, Kishimoto drew him with a lot of little trinkets and accessories, which he admitted he had a habit of letting the trinkets overtake the design. Also, the only reason why Kishimoto created the hitai-ates was because it was the easy alternative as oppose to the goggles Naruto wore as a kid. So not only are the clothes in the ninja world practical for missions, they're practical for Kishimoto to draw easily. ^__^;;

Personally I don't mind closed shoes. Even the animators have a habit of drawing characters with loafers lately with the new anime episodes and all... But that's uncanon... Not to mention a lot of the designs of the anime-only characters seem out of place in the world...
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :D

Yeah, indeed that was the only reason, but simple clothes make the Naruto style, no matter what caused it. :''D

I haven't seen the recent episodes (I've read manga until Summer 2011 when I stopped reading Naruto, as I didn't want to support scanlations), and I have no clue about anime-only material :'D
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
um... I have a group and I'm trying to make sure people know the rules to avoid Sues/Lues... I made up a bit of an Appearance RRR and I directed them to your tutorial here via a link. I know I should have asked first but I did not think of to ask you if it was alright until I had already uploaded it... If you would like me to dis-link you I'll delete and edit the devianation... It can be found here... [link]
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Next time, please ask, but you can keep that there. I'd like to ask for some monification, though. Weird username, ha ha xD

1. Could you also add the link to my dA site into the tutorial itself in written format ( Implies better that I'm a dArtist. Also, could mention in the START of the RRR that the material is taken from my tutorial, as you appear to use it rather largely?

2. As critique, personally I feel you are being sliiiightly too strict with the color issue. The point about Naruto characters not having neon-colored hairs is not that bright hair could make hiding more difficult -- it's just that bright haircolors just don't exist in the universe. (I think it'd be good mention that Kushina's hair really is rather bright, but on the other hand, people in-universe tend to point that out a lot, so it can be expected to be rare... must add into my tutorial.)

With ninja clothes, I think that the coloring isn't deadly crucial (even if mild colors do ease hiding). Naruto ninjas are way different from traditional ninjas, and a buddy of mine pointed out well, "Naruto fights resemble more Dragon Ball fights than actual ninja fights". Not always the ninjas hide, and besides... how well Ino's purple clothes would work as camouflage in a forest, even if they are dark? Or Hinata's pastel purple? To my eyes, it looks like ninjas don't pay overly much attention to camouflage -- otherwise they'd all be in camouflage colors and change their clothes as they move to different environment.

As said earlier, Naruto ninjas tend to use rather flashy fighting style, so with some ninjas (like Naruto, Hidan, Tsunade etc.) they rarely need to hide. And once they have stopped hiding, it doesn't matter if they are wearing shock pink bikinis with neon green polka dots or not. More important issue is that how mobile they remain.

Also: almost all ninjas are taught the transformation and hiding techniques, so I guess it also descreases the need of camouflage clothes...?

3. In that hair rule section, the last sentence is cancelled in middle: "'s pretty cliche and [ends here]"

4. About body builts... wai u no add chubby 1s? DDDDDDD: Okayokay just tried to say that division "Taijutsu user = a lot muscles", "genjutsu user = less muscles", but lack of muscles don't mean that the character is lean! xD WE NEED MORE PUDGY CHARACTERS.
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so sorry... I had limited net when I made up the sheet. Over my grandmother's (where I made it and uploaded it) I use a neighbor's and family friend's wifi, or at least until we get internet over my grandmother's house they let me tap into theirs. I was lucky I was able to upload it without losing connection... ^^;

Honestly I had not realized how much I had taken from your tutorial as all I had at the time was the link copied into the a Microsoft doc. and was pressed for time with the spotty net. Most of the stuff I put in there I drummed up on my own or subconsciously pulled from my memory of yours...

1) I will fix that link as you requested. Like I said all I had was the link from the Microsoft doc. at the time ^^;

2) I get what you said about the bright hair colors just not being there but that was my own personal touch. I also understand the clothing part and I really should lighten up on that... I had found a huge Mary Sue with ultra bright colors just before I left for my grandma's and frankly I was a little bit in rant mode when I did this... Practicality and logic seem to fail rather hard with fan sometimes...

3) *goes and looks quickly* Oops... Rant mode makes for terrible grammar...

4) Outside of the Akimichi Clan I never really thought of a Ninja having a chubby build... Except desk or hospital nin who really don't keep up with training... Whenever I draw my characters my grandma always asks me "How come they all look like models?"
my dad always answers "That's because they are warriors, Mum" *looks at me to make sure he got it right. He doesn't really care for Naruto because of all the yelling but he just lets me do what I'm going to do for the most part* "They are constantly fighting so naturally they are skinny"
My grandma "Oh..."

every time I show her a drawing it goes that way.... Kinda funny actually :D
NuttyNuti Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
With limited net, there is also option of saving your work on your computer/flash key, writing the work ready and then uploading it all at once. :)

1) Thanks!

2) Yeah, when angered, it easy to get black'n'white. I have found myself fixing my tutorials afterwards when I noticed issues where I was too blunt.

3) It does yep.

4) Having exercises doesn't mean you're automatically skinny: my best friend does a lot exercises and she is strong and rather agile too, but, well, you can't call her skinny no matter how you look at her. Some people maintain their muscle mass well while they don't lose their chubbiness as easily. It's about not only what you eat and how much you train, but also about your genetics. ...for me it's okay to see most Naruto characters being slender, but I'd be happy to see more varying range of body builds, something more than just cup size or bicep size xD
freewolf17 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I know... I had been working on it for a few days and just wanted to get the stupid thing up... Tired of looking at it... I was just looking at it and practically yelled. "You are done! Now get the hell on the internet so I never have to look at you again!" In hindsight it made absolutely no sense what so ever but I was not all there... Oh, how I love ADOSD....

I am one of two ways with everything. I am either completely dispassionate or I care way to much and get really excited about. I am either extremely blunt or sound like a fortune cookie and no one gets what I am saying.

It is very true... I have been taking Karate for about two years now, granted I only go twice a week and have slimmed down a lot, I do the same exercises as everyone else but we all still have different builds. My one friend, he has a stockier build. Another she is extremely slender. Another is a medium build. Another has an athletic... We exercise the same amount from what I can understand. Different builds... It is a basic generalization I made...
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