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It's rather admirable that you have created that detailed piece of art. I wouldn't be able to do that with my limited patience xD

However, it needs some concentration to be able to "read" this, since the background with darker lines catches the eye more easily than the main subjects of the work that are much grayer. This is quite a shame, since you have paid so much effort to the details! A background with less eye-catching pattern could draw the attention to the foreground better and/or using darker/thicker lines with the main subjects.

Also, highlighting the main subjects would ease "reading" the picture overall. Now there is so much details that it is difficult to see where to pay attention or where are the borders of different elements. For example, I do see two girls there, but then I need to zoom closer to be able to where are their arms, as there are no differences between the thicknesses of the lines in the pattern and the lines of the outer lines of the sleeve. I also missed the guns you mentioned in the comments.

When you do something like this next time, I recommend you to figure out what are the most important elements of the artwork and them bring them out, so the watcher can tell them apart more quickly. Otherwise you lose great deal of effort into the ocean of details! If you have GIMP or Photoshop or a similar image editing program, I recommend you to try to learn using Brightness&Contrast tool. It's really handy for making black'n'white works crisp! First maximize the contrast, then adjust the brightness until it looks nice C:
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ElRinaZuza Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Fair enought and beautifly organized critique!
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